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Not available in stores. Serial Crime Fiction is the first book to focus explicitly on the complexities of crime fiction seriality. Covering definitions and development of the serial form, implications of the setting, and marketing of the series, it studies authors such as Doyle, Sayers, Paretsky, Ellroy, Marklund, Camilleri, Borges, across print, film and television.

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Driven pretty much insane by the downward spiral of his life, he purchases a. Then, well, you can probably guess what happens next.

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Dude goes on a fun-for-the-whole-family rampage against the government. Blaze loosely revisions the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, while also mixing in themes from Of Mice and Men. In Misery, an obsessed fan discovers her hero dying in his car after running it off the road. Instead of seeking help, she keeps him immobilized in her house and forces him to write the perfect novel. We later discover this woman has had a rather curious history as a nurse terminated for literally murdering babies while serving as the head of the maternity wing.

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Much like Different Seasons, three out of four contributions from this book radiate crime fiction. We open with one of the best pieces King has ever written: His co-conspirator? Their little boy, of course.

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  • In Big Driver, a mystery writer takes the wrong shortcut on the way home from a book signing and finds herself right in the middle of a rape-revenge fiasco. And A Good Marriage asks the classic question: How would you react upon discovering your spouse is a famous serial killer? King has certainly written his share of serial killer stories, too. However, the most obvious serial killer novel might not be one that immediately springs to mind: IT.

    For decades, this fucking thing pecks off the citizens of Derry, Maine. Nobody can stop It, at least not until a group of losers band together and conduct a thorough investigation.

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    Nothing in this world makes me happier. One notable instance from the series would be the entirety of The Drawing of the Three Book II , which heavily features the mafia and drug smuggling. Advertisers: Contact Us. Article continues after advertisement. It is harder than you think. He is the author of several novels, including Carnivorous Lunar Activities , which will be published in early as an original Fangoria Presents! She claims to be able to foresee death — just by looking at you she knows when and how you will die — but can she be trusted?

    Or is she deliberately manipulating the police in order to stymie their investigation? What made you write a standalone? Did you approach it differently to working on a Helen Grace book? I wanted to write a book set in the US, with new characters, a new setting, principally just to see if I could do it!

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    Of course, my approach was very different and much more research-heavy than usual, as I had to interrogate the US criminal justice system, its mental health provision and much more besides. Fortunately, this meant I had to go on a week-long research trip to that great City of Chicago. Where did the idea for the plot come from? Yes, the book is a thriller, yes, it will satisfy crime junkies, but it also does something else. It asks the simple question: if you could find out for certain when and how you will die, would you want to know?

    Why set the book is Chicago? Were there any issues with setting your book in the US? I wanted it to be US set, as this is a story that demands scale.

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    I felt NYC and LA had been done to death, whereas Chicago has been only sparingly used — surprising really given its amazing historical importance in the US — the first skyscraper was built there — and its rich and bloody history see Al Capone. Your portrayal of Kassie is very convincing. Was it hard to get inside the head of a troubled teenage girl?