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How Robert F. Kennedy reached across America’s divisions

Open Borders Inc. Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. We should, however, refuse to accept the assumption that such noble concerns make a man a liberal, and not a conservative.


When I googled RFK this morning, the first thing that popped up was this history. In the Senate, he was a committed advocate of the poor and racial minorities, and opposed escalation of the Vietnam War. Liberals have tried to make the man their own, fashioning him in their own image, if not their own fantasy. Kennedy, was an ardent anti-communist, which immediately put him at odds with leftists in the party.

From the outset, Bobby had supported the Vietnam War.

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If this is a surprise to modern liberals, they will be aghast to learn that RFK loyally served the ultimate fire-breathing anti-communist, a man they consider an eternal political demon: Senator Joe McCarthy. Bobby Kennedy was an attorney and staff member to McCarthy, whom he liked very much and considered a kindred spirit, especially in their mutual intense anti-communism. That is untrue.

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Bobby Kennedy believed that Joe McCarthy was correct in his accusations of a federal government fraught by communist infiltration. He saw McCarthy as a brave and principled patriot whose cause was morally just, and who was vilified for seeking to do the right thing. Old Tail-Gunner Joe was a valued family friend who had spent weekends at Hyannis Port at the invitation of Joe Kennedy, where he had a blast. If that was not personal enough, Bobby in asked Joe McCarthy — at the height of his power — to be the godfather of his first child, Kathleen, who over 40 years later would become lieutenant governor of Maryland and is today a Democratic Party fundraiser.

McCarthy happily accepted. Kathleen was born on the Fourth of July When Joe McCarthy died in , Bobby was distraught. He wept. It was all very difficult for me as I feel that I have lost an important part of my life. Bobby was easily the most pious of all the Kennedy men.

He was not only opposed to militant feminism but also to gay liberation. For RFK, the visceral anti-communism never went away, along with other beliefs that were conservative. He seemed to have at best a conflicted relationship. He repeatedly insisted that he was not a liberal.

Waiting for Bobby

And given his open contempt for them and their ideology, why would he be? The original full quotation is published in a volume by Edwin O. It also included foreign policy and anti-communism.

On the Politics and Fate of RFK | The American Spectator

And yet the farthest reaches of the left — namely, the communist left — reviled RFK. By , the year he was assassinated, RFK was a rising focal point of anger and protest by the Marxist left. The Poles had not come through for him. The coalition never existed. According to Vanden Heuvel and Gwirtzman, all the undecided vote had swung to McCarthy, and 49 percent of Democrats in an Indiana poll at election time had expressed negative feelings about Kennedy, 55….

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