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Precision photometry of early-type galaxies in the Coma and Virgo clusters: a te Measuring the mass of a black hole from its radiation spectrum. Formation of the globular cluster system by a giant E galaxy's capture of anothe The nature of protons ejected from the nuclei of extragalactic radio sources.

Origin of the central radio gaps in extragalactic radio sources. A finding list of extragalactic radio jets and statistical results. Anomalous rotation measures of the compact steep spectrum source 3C The role played by rotation and random motions in elliptical galaxies.

Two hard X-ray sources in the central region of the Virgo cluster. High-resolution optical observations compared to radio structure of the jet in M Iron distribution in the intracluster gas of the Virgo cluster ofgalaxies. The velocity dispersion anisotropy and mass-to-light ratio of elliptical galaxie Flux densities at MHz for a large sample of radio sources. Infrared nuclei in nearby powerful radio galaxies : evidence for hidden quasars? Tidal action of a giant E galaxy on the globular cluster system of a passing S g The probable extragalactic nature of some low surface brightness clouds at high Supernova studies.

An atlas of light curves of supernovae type I. A systematic effect in the use of planetary nebulae as standard candles. The manifold of early type galaxies from IR photometry in clusters of galaxies. Galactic models with massive coronae III. Giant elliptical galaxy M The core of M new high spatial-resolution kinematic measurements. Total number of planetary nebulae in different galaxies and the PN distance scal Spectra of radio emission and surface brightness of radio galaxies. Shock wave particle acceleration in optical synchrotron emission sources. Asymetric distribution of gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud and dynamical condit The fortieth anniversary of extragalactic radio astronomy : radiophysics in exil An optical and near-infrared polarization survey of early-type radio galaxies.

Multi-frequency synthesis: a new technique in radio interferometric imaging. Further evidence of continuity between elliptical and disc galaxies. A brief history of the Indian River Observatory radio interferometer. Deriving the distance to the Virgo cluster from planetary nebulae.

Evidence for cluster magnetic fields around the radio galaxy Hydra A 3C The comparison of UV fluxes obtained for 19 galaxies on the astrophysical statio Predictions of high energy gamma rays from extended extragalactic jets. The Rozhen image processing package and some of its applications. On the possible way of globular clusters formation in coronae of giant elliptica Photographic and CCD surface photometry of 33 early-type galaxies in the Virgo c A catalogue of magnitude observations of supernovae I. Deep CCD surface photometry of early-type galaxies I. Technique, application to Systematic errors in the geometrical parameters of elliptical galaxies.

Supernova studies III. The calibration of the absolute magnitude of supernovae o Large scale extended X-ray emission from the Virgo cluster of galaxies. The kinematics of the ionized gas around powerful radio galaxies. On the determination of dipoles from incomplete galaxy catalogues. VLBI observations of the nuclei of a mixed sample of bright galaxies and quasars An evolutionary model of star formation for elliptical galaxies. Dissipationless evolution of stellar systems : numerical models. Chocs obliques dans les jets extragalactiques et mouvements superluminiques.

The Sandage and Bedke atlas of galaxies and the cosmological distance scale. The calibration of the Dn-sigma relation from planetary nebulae. Stellar populations as a function of radius in giant elliptical galaxies. A catalogue of extended ionized nebulosities around active galactic nuclei. A celestial reference frame based on extragalactic radio sources. The stellar-free emission component in galactic nuclei: at low-levels, evidence A correlation between shape and UV-V color for early-type galaxies. The preponderance of bar and ring features in starburst galaxies and active gala Isophote shapes of elliptical galaxies II.

Correlations with global optical, rad Extended X-ray emission from hot gas around the normal giant elliptical galaxy N An observational study of Shakhbazyan's compact group of galaxies Cluster swapping and the flattening of globular cluster systems. A relation between UV excess and the interstellar medium in elliptical galaxies?

A hole in the hat or evidence for a black hole in the Sombrero galaxy? High sensitivity observations at the wavelength 8,2 mm of complete sample of ext Powerful radio sources in clusters of galaxies and jet-like structures. The formation of a gaseous and stellar disc structure in a dense stellar cluster Relativistic jet decelation in weak extragalactic radio sources. Catalogue of unambiguous Faraday-thin, one-component, spectrum-selected rotati The hot coronae of galaxies : effects of dark halo, intergalactic hot medium and Millimeter continuum measurements of extragalactic radio sources.

A map of spectral indices of the Galactic radio continuum emission between M A dark matter gravitational accaretion scenario for E galaxy activity. Kinematic evidence for a central mass concentration in the Sombrero galaxy. Population synthesis in galactic nuclei using a library of star clusters. Constraints provided by star cluster spectra on the nature of the UV turn-up in Structrual changes in the nucleus of the double radio galaxy 3C Poweful radiosources in clusters of galaxies : the origin of jet-like structures Dynamical evolution of globular clusters systems in clusters of galaxies.

The distribution and kinematics of stars formed from the cooling flow in M Luminosity functions a CCD surface photometry of elliptical galaxies - I. Observations, reduction and r Structure and formation of superclusters - VI. Morphology-density-luminosity rel The peculiar velocity of the local group-I. HI observations of Sb and Sbc galaxi Search for structural changes in the cores of 'nearby' radio galaxies.

X-ray emission as evidence of activity in otherwise "normal" galaxies. On the nature of processes occurring in active nuclei of galaxies. Near-infrared imaging of the active galaxy NGC : stellar mass distribution Sub-arcsecond resolution radio images of one-sided jets in core-dominated source Radio structure of the nuclei of "edge-on" spiral and Seyfert galaxies.

Dynamics of a hot T 10 7 K gas cloud with volume energy losses. Les rayonnemnts continus d'origine non thermique, leur ap Determination of the masses of elliptical galaxies and clusters of galaxies with Spectroscopy and photometry of elliptical galaxies. UBV aperture photometry The spectroscopic parame Synchrotron emission from shock waves in active galactic nuclei. Numerical models of star formation in X-ray cluster cooling flows.

High-resolution imaging from Mauna Kea : globular clusters in the Coma cluster g Globular cluster systems in the supergiant ellipticals of the Coma cluster. Tidal stripping and accretion in clusters of galaxies with smoothly distributed A new distance estimator. Globular clusters as extragalactic distance indicators : maximum-likelihood meth Studies of the Virgo cluster.

Morphological and kinematical structure of the Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the Local Group. More on the Fornax ell Analysis of absorption-line spectra in a sample of galactic nuclei. Warm IRAS sources. A catalogue of AGN candidates from the point source catalo A model of spectrophotometric evolution for high-redshift galaxies. Constraints on confinement mechanisms of extragalactic radio sources. The metallicity versus luminosity relationship for early-type galaxiers.

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Photometric and spectroscopic investigation of three close companions of M Quasi-isothermal models of spherical stellar systems. Application to the galaxie Relation of the jet in M 87 to nearby galaxies in the Virgo cluster. On the interaction of the extragalactic jets with the interstellar and the inter A statistical study of luminosity profiles of galaxies using spheroid-disk compo Infrared studies of elliptical galaxies. An optically selected sample. Self-regulated cooling flows in elliptical galaxies and in cluster cores : is ex The role of heat conduction in the cooling flows of galaxy clusters.

Accretion disks and periodic outbursts of active galactic nuclei. The detection of distant cooling flows and the formation of dark matter. Redshift asymmetries in systems of galaxies and the missing mass. Massive central galaxies, globular cluster swapping and tidal accretion. Beam models for radio sources. Collimation in more realistic galactic potenti On wind-type flows in astrophysical jets.

Propagation outside the nucleus an The metallicity of globular clusters associated with the giant elliptical galaxy Comparative photometric parameters of dwarf irregular and elliptical galaxies in Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the local group. The giant ellipticals r Study of a complete sample of galaxies. Spectroscopy of the nuclei. A catalog of nearby galaxies : the effect of the virgocentric flow model on HI-Observations of galaxies in the Virgo cluster of galaxies.

X-ray survey of the Virgo cluster and comparison to field galaxies. Applications of a nuclear spectroscopic survey of Virgo spiral galaxies. Energetics and radiation spectrum of the plasma jet from the M 87 galaxy nucleus A third update of the status of the 3 CR sources : further new redshifts and new Bright extragalactic radio sources at 2. The all-sky catalogue. Jets with entrained clouds - I. Hydrodynamic simulations and magnetic field stru Warmers : the missing link between Starburst and Seyfert galaxies.

The globular cluster system surrounding the elliptical galaxy NGC Gas equilibrium conditions in the gravitational field of the massive central gal Spectra and linear polarizations of extragalactic variable sources at centimeter A catalog of stellar velocity dispersions. Compilation and standard galaxies. A search for "dwarf" Seyfert 1 nuclei.

The initial data and results. Near-infrared photometry and stellar populations in dwarf elliptical and irregul Evidence for interaction in two discordant redshift pairs of galaxies. Radiative shock-wave theory. High-velocity shocks and thermal instabilities. The spectral evolution of galaxies.

An observational approach. Static structure of general relativistic, partially degenerate, self-graviting, Families of ellipsoidal stellar systems and the formation of dwarf elliptical ga An X-ray study of the Centaurus cluster of galaxies using Einstein. The orientations of the rotation axes of radio galaxies. Radio morphologies o Dynamics of luminous galaxies. Surface photometry and velocity dispersions o The effect of local galaxy density on the production of powerful radio sources b A MHz sky survey. Arcsecond positions for milliarcsecond VLBI nuclei of extragalactic radio source A radio-quiet emission-line jet in the type 2 Seyfert galaxy NGC CCD surface photometry of galaxies with dynamical data.

Alignment of radio and optical polarization with VLBI structure. On the nature of variability of radiation from active galactic nuclei. Supplement to the detailed bibliography on the surface photometry of galaxies. The ultraviolet spectra of normal elliptical galaxies: a population synthesis ap Variations of the linear sizes of extragalactic radio sources with radio luminos Circular and linear polarization variations of compact radio sources.

The jet in M87 : an unstable jet in a cooling inflow atmosphere? Recognizing merger remnants among normal elliptical galaxies : NGC A search for changing structure in low-luminosity compact radio sources. Firm bounds on the neutrino mass from the distribution of dark matter in galaxie Internal kinematics of galaxies in clusters. Velocity dispersions for elliptic Infrared photometry and optical spectroscopy of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo clus Digital surface photometry of galaxies toward a quantitative classification. Deconvolution of quasar images from point-spread function : application to 3C A correlation between ellipticity and core-strength in extended radio galaxies.

On the correlation between supernova occurence and nuclear activity in elliptica Radio interferometric determination of source positions utilizing deep space net Sidedness, field configuration, and collimation of extragalactic radio jets. A classification system and an illustrated At On n the relative orientations of radio source axes and parent elliptical galaxi On the origin of tightly wound spiral features in galactic nuclei. Statistical properties of the radio cores in elliptical galaxies. Contribution of turbulent cascades to the luminosity of extragalactic radio-jets A catalog of selected compact radio sources for the construction of an extragala Image restoration of high resolution observations of the M 87 JET jet.

Globular clusters and the early chemical history of galactic halo. Are dominant central galaxies the photo-nuclei of rich clusters? Cosmological estimate of the age of stars exploding as type I supernovae. Flux density and linear polarization measurements of variable radio sources at l Bright radio sources at MHz : flux densities, optical identifications and th A simple model for the distribution of light in spherical galaxies.

Extragalactic distance scale, Malmquist bias and Hubble constant. Luminosity distribution in galaxies. A study of accidental and systematic er A catalog of hierarchical subclustering in the Turner-Gott groups. Luminosity distributions for Virgo cluster galaxies. Near-Infrared surface pho Einstein observations of NGC : dynamical ablation of gas in the Virgo clust Globular cluster systems in the Hydra I elliptical galaxies.

An infrared and optical investigation of galactic nuclei with compact radio sour Simulations of galaxy mergers - Cannibalism and dynamical friction. Accretion-driven star formation in central dominant galaxies in X-ray clusters. Thermal conduction and heating by nonthermal electrons in the X-ray halo of M Do the W 44 and W 28 molecular clouds show evidence of a shock?

Observational constraints on galaxy-IGM interactions in the Virgo cluster. Color distributions in early-type galaxies. BVRI observations with a scanning Observations of galaxies of Byurakan classification at a frequency of MHz. High-resolution optical observations of NGC An analysis of previous dat Flux density measurements of bright extragalactic sources at Radio continuum emission of nearby elliptical galaxies Statistical properties. Determination of physical parameters in extragalactic radio jets from large scal Spectra, dimensions and luminosities of radio sources in the Culgoora-3 list.

The impact of IUE observations on our knowledge.

Distribution Of Colors Among The Stars Of N G C 1647 And M 67

About galaxies and quasars. Extranuclear clues to the origin and evolution of activity in galaxies. X-ray spectroscopy of the galaxy M87 - Radiative accretion of the hot plasma hal Einstein Observatory solid state spectrometer observations of M87 and the Virgo High-resolution X-ray observations of M87 - Nucleus, jet and radio halo.

Theoretical studies of compact radio sources. I - Synchrotron radiation from rel A survey of galaxy redshifts. The density field and the induced gravity fie The longitudinal distribution of sunspots and the RS CVn starspot model. Intermediate band filter spectrophotometry of bright galaxies. II - Data reducti Absolute ultraviolet fluxes of elliptical galaxies as observed with the Astronom High-resolution observations of M I - The morphology of the jet.

Upper limits of a cosmic infrared background flux as determined by X- and gamma Classification parameters for the emission-line spectra of extragalactic objects High resolution 2-D imaging polarimetry of the jet of M87, in the light of U, B Optical jets in elliptic galaxies, N galaxies, and BL Lacertae type objects. The ultraviolet spectrum of the active elliptical galaxy NGC The northern hemisphere catalog Velocity dispersions in the bulges of spiral and S0 galaxies.

Further observ Evolutionary synthesis of the stellar population in elliptical galaxies.

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III - D X-ray emission from M87 - A pressure confined cooling atmosphere surrounding a l Optical properties of the central region of NGC : a small bright core in a Velocity dispersions of elliptical and S0 galaxies. I - Data and mass-to-light r On the differences between globular clusters and spheroidal populations in three The halo globular clusters of the giant elliptical galaxy Messier The infrared color-magnitude relation for early-type galaxies in Virgo and Coma.

A catalogue of extragalactic radio sources having flux densities greater than The ultraviolet spectrum of the normal giant elliptical NGC The luminosity cusp at the center of M87 and the dynamics of the central regions An update of the status of the revised 3C catalog of radio sources; 22 new galax Deconvolution by maximum entropy, as illustrated by application to the jet of M Evidence for the magnetic-field orientation in extragalactic radio sources. X-ray variability in active galaxy nuclei and quasars in less than one day. On the origin of the radio, optical emission-line, and X-ray structure of M Anisotropic velocity distributions in M87 - Is a supermassive black hole necessa Statistical Properties of Double Radio Sources.

The Asymmetry and Flux Ratio. An optical and radio survey of the nuclei of bright galaxies - Sample selection An optical and radio survey of the nuclei of bright galaxies - Activity in norma An optical and radio survey of the nuclei of bright galaxies - Stellar populatio Calibration Radio sources for Radio Astronomy: Precision flux density measuremen The system of filaments in M87 - Evidence for matter falling into an active nucl Photometric studies of composite stellar systems.

High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of M87 with the Einstein observatory - The de Effects of seeing on the light distribution in the cores of elliptical galaxies. Observations of the structure of the diffuse X-ray emission from the Coma cluste Luminosity distribution in the central regions of Messier 87 - Isothermal core, Ultraviolet photometry from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory. XXVI - Energy Polarization and total intensity Maps of Extragalactic Radio Sources at 3. Discovery of 1. A neutral hydrogen study of early-type galaxies in and near the Virgo cluster.

Nuclear gamma-ray lines from Cen A - Evidence for their origin in relativistic p A relationship between radio power and the separations of regions of enhanced em A model for compact x-ray sources in galactic nuclei : application to the giant The enormous mass of the elliptical galaxy M 87 : a model for the extended x-ray OSO 8 X-ray spectra of clusters of galaxies.

Observations of twenty clusters X-ray clusters of galaxies and the luminosity-richness relation. New Colors, Mag Preliminary results of linear polarization measurements at 99 GHz. Correlation with extragalactic X-ray sources. A model for Cygnus A - A radio source powered by M87 type knots. Evidence for a supermassive object in the nucleus of the galaxy M87 from SIT and II - Observations of H2O absor The enormous mass of the elliptical galaxy M87 - A model for the extended X-ray Decametric survey of discrete sources in the northern sky.

The UTR-2 radio te Ellipticity profiles of elliptical galaxies in the Virgo and Coma clusters. Millimetre observations of planets, galactic and extra-galactic sources. The luminosity distribution of globular clusters in the Virgo cluster of galaxie X-ray clusters of galaxies : correlations with optical morphology and galaxy den Structure of the X-ray source in the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Brightness Distributions in Compact and Normal Galaxies. Surface Photometry o A search for hard X-rays from five strong extragalactic radio sources.

The Wing Ford band as a constraint on the mass function in old galaxy population Velocity dispersions and mass-to-light ratios for elliptical galaxies. Soft X-ray morphology of the Virgo, Coma, and Perseus clusters of galaxies. Chromospheres, Activity and Magnetic Fields. Pulsating Stellar Atmospheres. Observing Solar-Like Oscillations.

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Constraints on Stellar Interior Physics from Helioseismology. Minniti, C. Alcock, D. Alves, K. Cook, S. Marshall, T. Axelrod et al. Properties of Cepheids and Long-Period Variables. With SUSI and several other high angular resolution instruments either in operation or coming on line within the next decade, and with advances in astrometry, spectroscopy and in theoretical models of stellar atmospheres and interiors, it appeared to be both appropriate and timely to hold a symposium on "Fundamental Stellar Properties: the Interaction between Observation and Theory.

Invited papers comprised the major part of the oral program and the speakers responded to the challenge issued by the Scientific Organising Committee to critically review the current status and prospects for their area of expertise. The Symposium was opened by the Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Emeritus Professor Dame Leonie Kramer, who welcomed the participants from 22 countries on behalf of the University.

The oral program included. Editors and affiliations. Bedding 1 A.

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